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October 17, 2007


South Philly Crabs

From what I've read(not sure if its sure) It's okay to eat mussels,clams,shrimp,lobster,crab and scallops without having to worry about high mercury content. I think tuna, and swordfish were 2 of the top ones to watch out for.


Just a small comment. Wouldn't organic flaxseed oil actually be the healthiest source of Omega 3? Flaxseed has none of the mercury risks of fish. It also is farmed, rather than a wild species of which many are overfished. This is not to say that there aren't other health benefits from consuming fish. But fish does not in itself seem to be the healthiest source of Omega 3.


There is alot of things wrong with the way nonprofits work.

But still the message of the "Healthy Mothers, healthy babies" should not be accepted based on argument that organizations recieve money to fund their campaigns. The fact is this HMHB message is horrible advice for mothers-to-be and is a health issue.

It is irresponsible to urge pregnant mothers to eat more fish than the FDA recommends without any advice to avoid high mercury fish. Decades of scientific research on the toxicity of methylmercury suggest that it harms healthy fetal development.
Their findings are not as you claim "scientific"- when a general consensus exists one cannot throw out the advice when a new study comes out. Especially when none of the so-called "experts" were toxicologists on mercury, the very contaminant they are implying will not be harmful.

Argue politics, money sources all you want, the fact is the study was a media ploy by the fishing industry. Because they have slanted the message to say- fish is okay to eat.

this SHOULD BE the message: low mercury fish is okay to eat.

Also, it's difficult to understand your analogy- NGOs do spend money encourage sustainable fishing practices and promote the public and environmental health.

the fishing industry- well, they want us to eat fish- no matter what's in it. they are profit driven.

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